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ATS Live Fire Shoot Houses Feature:
  • Safety! 100% (NO ESCAPE) total ballistically contained live fire shoot house structures.

  • Flexibility! Mobile, Modular, and Fixed MOUTS include RECONFIGURABLE ballistic walls.

  • Expandability! ATS's shoot houses feature modular structural designs that allow for future expansion as budgets allow and future training requirements dictate. View Demonstration

  • ADAPTABILITY! Change your shoot house configuration in hours to meet different training scenarios.

  • Durability! VULCAN® live fire ballistic rubber panels, blocks and curtains sustain thousands of 5.56 & 7.62 high velocity live fire rounds.

  • Ease of Use! Simple bolt together installation allows modular shoot houses to be erected in a single day!

  • Superior Bullet Encapsulation! All Shoot houses include VULCAN® ballistic rubber walls, flooring, ceilings, curtains & CornerGards™ for true, SAFE, 360° live fire training.

  • MAINTENANCE FREE! Absolutely NO MAINTENANCE. 100% Waterproof, temperature insensitive, UV resistant.

  • EASY PANEL INSTALLATION & RELOCATION! Position & press! NO glue; NO heat; NO cure; NO hassle.

  • EXCLUSIVE SAFETY SEAMS™ SYSTEMS! NO common seams in walls or corners, through which bullets might escape.

  • NO AUXILIARY TRAPS. No wall hung or floor mounted bullet traps are necessary. Every VULCAN® ballistic wall IS a bullet trap!

  • LONGER LASTING. VULCANIZED rubber outlasts "binder" ("SOFT") rubber, plywood and SACON ballistic materials.

  • SUPERIOR APPEARANCE. VULCAN® ballistic rubber's smooth uniform textured surface gives a precision appearance. Easily painted in any color, including white.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. VULCAN® ballistic rubber is a "green" product, made from recycled rubber tires found in land fills.

  • VULCAN® ballistic rubber is BEST VALUE. A BETTER PRODUCT at competitive prices.

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