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Live Fire (Fixed) Shoot Houses:
  • Turnkey design and build shoothouses.
  • 12 "Off The Shelf" Shoothouse design packages, ready for immediate fabrication and installation.
  • 1, 2, and 3 stories available with stair clearing towers.
  • VULCAN® anti-ricochet ballistic panels mounted on 1/2", 500 brinell steel wall panels. (see demonstration)
  • Instant Bond™ for quick panel installation & replacement; no glue or curing time required.
  • No special tools; no welding required; quick assembly anywhere.
  • Ballistic rubber panels and blocks sustain thousands of 5.56 & 7.62 high velocity live fire rounds.
  • Modular stair clearing towers.
  • Ideal for building clearing, convoy protection, anti-sniper, combined arms, Hogan's Alleys, & MOUT training exercises.
  • A SAFER product. NO common seams. Our proprietary Safety Seam™ (patent pending) ballistic rubber wall panels and CornerGards™ eliminate common seams for bullets to pass through.
  • Reduced ballistic buildup. Our proprietary Projectile Absorption Space System (PASS)™ behind each panel sharply reduces the shrapnel buildup behind wall panels. (see demonstration)
  • NO maintenance. VULCAN™ recycled rubber eliminates UV product deterioration without any maintenance.
  • NO glue; NO mess; NO heat; NO curing time required; NO wall prep; NO hassle. Our Instant Bond™ installation system makes quicker installations; eliminates time consuming and costly wall panel relocations.
  • All VULCAN® live fire ballistic rubber protection systems (walls, blocks, flooring, and curtains) are waterproof, temperature insensitive, UV resistant, more dense with uniform texture throughout.

Summing up: All these features translate into VULCAN® live fire ballistic rubber protection systems being higher quality products with superior ballistic encapsulation properties, superior product longevity, less maintenance, superior product field performance and less environmental impact.

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